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3. Kosherica Cruise for Two   $50.00

Embark on a legendary 7-night voyage aboard 5-star accommodations. Kosherica, the leader in Glatt Kosher travel, offers a wide array of global vacation options and celebrated Kosher Jewish holiday and winter break programs. Upcoming events include cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean, South America, Baltic & Russian, UK/Iceland/Fjord/Ireland, as well as the Jewish Music Festival at Sea with 5-star entertainers and scholars. From iconic destinations to enchanting boutique ports around the world, you'll be immersed into each intriguing locale, you'll satisfy your wanderlust, and you'll make memories that last.
Restrictions Apply
Co-Sponsored by Kosherica 1.877.724.5567 - www.kosherica.com
The World's Leader in Glatt Kosher Cruises & 5 star Passover Hotels.
and Motti and Adina Korf in honor of the Rebbe's Shluchim
Sponsored by the Dalfin Boys LU"N Reuvan ben Mordechai A"H
Sponsored LU"N Batsheva bas Aryeh Zev
Sponsored by Yerachmiel and Rivka Jacobson in honor of the yartzeit of Shlomo Shmuel Aryeh Hakohen Capland

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